March 15, 2021

How to use a fan deck

Many people know how to paint but they skip the process of using a fan deck to make a final decision. A fan deck is a book of paint colors and it is a great way to match your paint to your decor when redesigning. We can supply you with a fan deck for $25 and all of those proceeds will go towards supporting Mackenzie Health. Our fan deck is useful in a many different ways:
To pick colours that match your furniture. Sometimes we assume we know what colours match with our decor or furniture pieces but in reality we have no clue. We end up buying paints that have hues that are different from advertised, get discouraged about how the paint changes after drying and then feel disappointed with our end result. When you use a colour card or fan deck you are able to take it home, match it as best as possible and then make an informed buying decision. Not a shot-in-the-dark solution.
Keep the fan deck for multiple rooms or seasons. Your fan deck can help with future paint projects. Customers can opt for different colours based on their preference or it would support them when doing a DIY project. For example, converting a baby crib into a desk or upcycling old furniture into new and improved versions take some added paint jobs. Why not have a fan deck on hand to keep you guided in your purchasing journey.
Green Friendly Paint is a DuROCK owned and manufactured product line. It is a locally sourced and Canadian-made company located in Woodbridge, Ontario. All of the ingredients used to make the paint have been sourced from the GTA. A new and improved website is being launched to give clients a better online experience by visualizing how the paint will look in their homes. DuROCK has been in business for over 40 years and prides itself on delivering premium and award-winning coatings for the interior and exterior of your home.
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